For seed production of sugar and fodder beet, the creation of machines and working bodies for planting root crops on testes and pollinators is of current importance. It was found out that the seed-and-water production was spreading with the use of “schteklings” [sugar beet roots]. In the countries with minus temperatures between the vegetation seasons it is necessary to dig out beets and plant them again at the beginning of the vegetation season. Advantages and disadvantages of machines and apparatus for disembarking the schteklings were determined. Under the conditions of applicability, we chose a design scheme and a type of landing gear. With the use of mathematical expressions and standards for the labor intensity of the operator of the above machine, the optimal parameters of its planting apparatus were determined. It was determined that the work of the operator of the schteklings planting machine’s stem will meet the safety standards for the intensity of labor if the planting unit of this machine is a rotor-type. It should be equipped with planting cones and a charging device, a conveyor type. The number of holders of landing cones should be 6-8 pieces, and the radius of the rotor is within the range of 0.344 ... 0.382 m. Such a scheme, type and parameters of the landing gear will allow operators to work at the speed of the planter of up to 1.2 m·s−1.