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CCi Mainstreaming and RHD Jams Outcomes Report

   | 11. Nov. 2009


The ARC Centre of Excellence in Creative Industries and Innovation (CCi) commissioned two jams –online collaborative events – to discover new ideas for improving outcomes in two important aspects of the Centre’s work.

The first jam – known as the CCi Mainstreaming Challenge - was held for two weeks from 8th to 23rd June 2009 and focused on findings ways to improve the mainstream impact of the Centre’s research. The event involved 112 participants from the CCi’s nodes around Australia and internationally, CCi Advisory Board members and a select group of external ‘critical friends’ (see Appendix A for a full participant list). Participants posted their own ideas, and commented and voted on the ideas of others, on a challenge question related to improving the mainstream impact of the Centre’s research. In total the jam generated 22 substantial new ideas, 103 votes and 96 comments.

The second jam – known as the CCi RHD Challenge – was held from June 8th to 24th 2009 to elicit ideas and opinions from the Centre’s Research Higher Degree (RHD) community on how to improve their professional development experience and outcomes during their student tenure. The event invited 75 RHD students to participate and was kept exclusive to this group (i.e. no involvement from supervisors or Centre management). In total the community generated 17 ideas, 26 comments and 78 votes.

This report summarises the key results and insights generated from both Challenges, and is divided into three parts: Section One describes the challenges around which these two events were focused and participation rates achieved, while Section Two summarises the outcomes in terms of statistics and trends by theme, as well as the value of the tool for ‘capturing the long tail’ of collaborative processes. Section Three concludes by presenting the top ideas by popularity and activity, as well as identifying the ideas that most polarised opinion and emergent themes.