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The concentration of animal blood plasma using membrane methods that allow its recycling and reuse


Animal blood plasma contains ~91% water and requires concentration prior to it been dried. Our studies concerned the suitability of membrane technology. The efficiency of the investigated filtration process for membranes was stable over time, and displayed no tendency to clog. The protein level in obtained filtrates ranged from 0.15-0.26%. Increased content of protein in the concentrate is a function of the degree of plasma concentration. For the raw material containing 6.05% proteins, with 2.3 times the concentration, it was 13.84% and with 3 times the concentration, it was 18.24%. The filtration efficiency increases with the temperature of the process but decreases with increased levels of concentration. For both of the investigated membranes the permeability was similar; however, the 0.07 µm membrane had higher filtration efficiency by an average of 30%.

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