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Simulations in planning logistics processes as a tool of decision-making in manufacturing companies

   | 21. Okt. 2022


Appropriate logistics planning is a key factor influencing the quality and efficiency of processes in manufacturing companies. Logistics planning can be defined as the process of making significant decisions (concerning both logistics processes and resources) for the functioning of an organization. It is a process consisting of stages in which important decisions are made regarding the optimization of all activities of the company, including in the field of: production, supply, sales, distribution, transport. The main goal of logistics activities is to minimize the operating costs incurred, as well as to better manage human resources. The main aim of the article is to present the legitimacy of using selected simulation software as an actual tool in making logistic decisions in the field of order picking system (OPS) based on a case study. For research purposes, a model was prepared in FlexSim and there were applied S-shape and Return routing methods. Based on simulation results, an analysis of the selected process was carried out. The obtained results indicate possible directions of changes and allow to make the right decision in the field of planning logistics processes.

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