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Studies of properties of polypropylene/halloysite composites


The results of the studies on the synthesis, mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene composites with various amount of halloysite filler are presented. Halloysite (HNT) belongs to the silica type characterized by a two-layer 1:1 structure. This work was aimed to develop a method for the modification of halloysite in its prime use as a filler for polypropylene by extrusion. The composites contain 1, 3, 5 and 7 wt.% of HNT. The degree of crystallinity of the composites decrease with increasing halloysite content. The results confirm the expectations that composites of interesting physicochemical, mechanical and thermal properties can be obtained. The mechanical properties studied show that the filler modification method used leads to the synthesis of polymer composites of improved thermal and mechanical properties.

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