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Investigation of the Effects of Additives used in Reducing Asphalt Production Temperatures


This study is related to evaluations of the performance and usability evaluations of existing and also newly produced Warm Mixed Asphalt (WMA) additives. Viscosity, softening point, and penetration tests were performed on bitumen with additives without changing the bitumen rate for the additives. For the asphalt concrete, Marshall Stability tests were performed. WMA additives are used to reduce asphalt production temperatures and, consequently, the temperature of the mixture significantly. According to the Marshall Stability test, it was determined that the WMA samples fulfilled values within the local standards. The Hot Mixed Asphalt (HMA) and Warm Mixed Asphalt (WMA) additives were compared as to additive costs and energy savings considering the reduced production temperatures. Additives have great potential to be used in adverse weather conditions and in many countries.

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