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Theoretical Correlations Between the Cumulative Absolute Velocity and Performance Point for a Seismic Analysis of Framed Structures


The present paper investigates the effect of the harmfulness of a potential earthquake on structural and seismic risks. It takes into account the magnitude, epicentral distance, and pseudo depth at the hypocenter as well as the soil classification in order to generate synthetic seismic motions to be considered as signal inputs for a structural seismic analysis. The most typical typology of dwellings and buildings that are widely existing in Algeria, i.e., a reinforced concrete frame structure, is considered for the case study. The results show that the theoretical models developed in this study are able to predict the performance point (spectral displacement) according to the cumulative absolute velocity. They also show that(CAV-Sd) (Sd being the spectral displacement of the performance point defined by a pushover analysis) is slightly influenced by the value of the ultimate displacements of the structures and the soil parameters (shear velocity Vs).

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