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Evaluation of an Asphalt Mixture Containing a High Content of Reclaimed Asphalt and Different Crumb Rubber Modified Binders


Recently, environmental concerns have become a primary driving force in most countries and industries dealing with natural resources. As a part of this category, asphalt pavement industry is trying to implement more green and sustainable features in its products, while maintaining the mechanical and performance-based properties of the resulting asphalt mixtures. Among potential recycled materials, vehicle tires and aged asphalt pavement have been demonstrated to show economic, ecological, and behavioral improvements in the mixtures. However, mixtures with a high content of reclaimed asphalt (RA) and crumb rubber present some limitations. Therefore, using another group of additives, i.e., a warm mix asphalt (WMA) additive, has been considered. The presented paper investigates the use of an elevated content of RA with different crumb rubber modified binders and (in some mixtures) a warm mix additive in an asphalt concrete (AC) binder mix. Regular empirical tests have been conducted and more advanced performance or functional characteristics, i.e., stiffness, thermal induced cracking, resistance to permanent deformation, complex modulus have been determined and evaluated. Selected results are presented in the paper.

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