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Grey-WPCA Based Parametric-Optimization and Modelling of Chromium Powder Mixed Surface-Electro Discharge Diamond Grinding of Inconel 600 Using RSM


The PMS-EDDG is an effective hybrid process to beat the problems identified in machining of Inconel 600 through the conventional machining process. This hybrid-machining-process is a combination of SDG and Powder Mixed-EDM process. Modeling, comparative investigation, determination of optimal setting of process factors, and various surface developments in S-EDDG of Inconel 600 with chromium and absence of chromium-powder blended dielectric fluid (DF) have been narrated in this research work. One set of 31 experiments with chromium-powder and another set of 31 experiments without chromium-powder mixed DF was conducted on this set-up in accordance with the C-C-R-D plan of experimentation. The developed models through RSM support to investigate the behavior of input process-factors over the responses. The input factors in this research work are ampere-current (I), pulse-on-time (Ton), wheel speed (WS), and duty cycle (DC). The MRR and Ra are the output-responses in this machining process. The optimum setting of process-parameters is computed through the integrated Grey-Taguchi based WPCA-approach. The confirmation experiment is conducted on this set-up at the optimum-condition and its results display the agreeable matching among the actual and predicted values. The WMPI is improved by 0.414. The SEM investigation has been conducted at the optimum-condition on the produced machined-surfaces and on the produced white recast-layer thickness.

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