Uneingeschränkter Zugang

Pole and Ukrainian in the Service of Saving the Lemko Heritage by the Example of the Reinfuss and Tarnovych Journalistic Writings


The paper introduces a biography of prominent scientific activists, journalists, ethnographers and writers Roman Reinfuss i Yulian Tarnovych. Intercessors Polish - Ukrainian affairs who expressed it through scientific activity. Similarities and differences in the biography and method of transferring the content are shown, and an amazing love for Lemko’s region this Polish and Ukrainian authors. The article presents the similarities into the method of transferring popular science content by two ethnic- different journalists – scientist inhabitant in the same Lemko region. The analysis of the content they published in magazines, newspapers and scientific papers was also carried out.

The purpose of the article is to compare the presented media content by two scientists - journalists from different social environments living in the same region, in the service of saving the Lemko’s hertiage by the example of ethnic journalism.