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The Triple Layered Business Model Canvas Meets the Beekeeping Sector. General and Particular Considerations from the Romanian Industry


Today, sustainability has been clearly recognized as a necessity at global level by many, and the role of the business environment as a contributor in ensuring sustainability has become more and more acknowledged lately. Several efforts undertaken in this direction were focused on obtaining higher life quality levels and long-term benefits through businesses’ actions. Exploring and understanding agri-businesses from a managerial perspective becomes necessary due to sector’s particularities, but also to the fact that they are generally small enterprises, deeply embedded into their local communities. Beekeeping, as an agricultural branch, has indispensable contributions at societal and environmental level through a number of activities related to food and medicinal product supply and pollination. Sector’s dynamic, however, demonstrates that businesses are facing a series of challenges, and therefore, they need to showcase a proactive managerial approach in order to respond to risks and opportunities given by sustainability. Consequently, this paper looks to obtain a better understanding of sustainability management in the beekeeping sector by applying the triple layered business model canvas and featuring a series of facts from the Romanian industry.