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Does Consumer Spirituality Block the Road Toward Innovativeness? A Moderated Mediation Approach


Innovation is the only way to sustain in a highly competitive market, and the success of innovative products depends on the innovativeness level of the consumers. The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between consumer spirituality and consumer innovativeness through the mediating role of materialism. The study also attempts to determine the moderated mediation effect by taking gender as a moderator. In this study, the data were collected from 237 consumers through online surveys and from some target locations like malls, universities, public places in Punjab and Chandigarh by adopting judgemental sampling technique. Results indicated a significant negative relationship between consumer spirituality with materialism and consumer innovativeness while materialism and consumer innovativeness are significantly positively related. Furthermore, results showed that materialism mediates the relation between consumer spirituality and consumer innovativeness among both gender categories, but there is no moderated mediation effect of gender. The implications for marketing managers are discussed.