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Investigation of the temporal change of the sources of Aeolian dust delivered to East Asia using electron spin resonance signals in quartz

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Special Issue Title: Proceedings of the 3rd Asia Pacific Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating Okayama, Japan, 2012


The temporal change in the number of oxygen vacancies in quartz was investigated by ob-serving the E1’ center in the atmospheric depositions collected at two cities in Japan in the recent past. The depositions collected at Fukuoka in March show the ESR intensities being correlated with the sum of the number of the days, in the month, on which Kosa was observed while no such correlation was found in the deposition those collected at Akita but a trend of decrease with time. The present results suggest that the number of oxygen vacancies in quartz might be useful to estimate quantitatively the contribution of the dust originated from China to the atmospheric deposition in Japan.

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