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Wood Ash Filter Material Characterization as a Carrier Material for Ex-Situ Biomethanation of Biogas in Biotrickling Filter Reactors


Biomethanation is a prospective biogas upgrading method to integrate renewable energy grid with existing biogas grid. Biomethane can directly substitute fossil natural gas and be used in all energy sectors. The selection of packing material for the ex-situ biomethanation in biotrickling filter reactors can be based on the physical and chemical characterization of the carrier material. The packing material selected for biotrickling filter reactors supports hydrogenotrophic methanogenic growth and thereby increases the area for H2 mass transfer. Chemical components and melting temperature analysis of wood ash material are carried out to determine optimal parameters for producing wood ash filter material. Physical characteristics of new wood ash filter material such as volume-specific surface area (m2 m−3), the external porosity (vol. %) and bulk density (kg m−3) are carried out to compare this material with other carrier materials that have been used in biotrickling filter reactors before.

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