According to several studies, the European population is rapidly aging far over last years. It is therefore important to ensure that aging population is able to live independently without the support of working-age population. In accordance with the studies, fall is the most dangerous and frequent accident in the everyday life of aging population. In our paper, we present a system to track the human fall by a visual detection, i.e. using no wearable equipment. For this purpose, we used a Kinect sensor, which provides the human body position in the Cartesian coordinates. It is possible to directly capture a human body because the Kinect sensor has a depth and also an infrared camera. The first step in our research was to detect postures and classify the fall accident. We experimented and compared the selected machine learning methods including Naive Bayes, decision trees and SVM method to compare the performance in recognizing the human postures (standing, sitting and lying). The highest classification accuracy of over 93.3% was achieved by the decision tree method.

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