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International Knowledge Transfer in subject-oriented didactics. The example of Religious Education


Can there be international knowledge transfer in subject-related didactics which is not limited to psychological research results which have often been received internationally, and what are the presuppositions of such transfer? The starting point of this article is an international project with consultations and cooperation in the field of religion-related didactics. One of the most important questions in this project refers to the possibility of insights and research results achieved by subject-related didactics for which international validity can be claimed. This question is not limited to empirical research but refers to validity claims in subject-related didactics in general as well as to the more far- reaching question if subject-related didactics can be considered an academic discipline if international validity claims would be excluded. Moreover, the article discusses possible contents of the international knowledge transfer from teacher education. Finally, a number of suggestions for future work in subject- related didactics are offered.

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Volume Open
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Sozialwissenschaften, Pädagogik, Lehrplan und Pädagogik, andere