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Natural Resource Revenue Management: Which Institutional Factors Matter?


The paper deals with the topic of natural resource revenue management and the institutional background, it researches the impact of the institutional environment on a particular part of resource governance, the revenue governance. The Resource Governance Index is used as the crucial concept for the whole analysis. Using qualitative comparative analysis, it aims to find out which conditions, and their combinations, concerning the institutional background, lead to higher levels of revenue management. Firstly, it was found that individual institutional aspects impact the revenue management differently. The second finding is that voice and accountability is a sufficient condition for reaching higher levels of revenue management. On the contrary, the dimension of political stability and the absence of violence is an irrelevant condition. All the institutional aspects excluding political stability and the absence of violence create a consistent pathway to better achievements in revenue management, namely national budgeting, and subnational resource revenue sharing.

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Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Volkswirtschaft, Wirtschaftstheorie, -systeme und -strukturen