The aim of the publication is to develop theoretical and methodological foundations and practical recommendations for determining the efficiency of biotechnological processes with the subsequent justification of technical parameters to ensure a high level of viability of bio-objects. In the course of the conducted scientific research, the criteria of quality function were defined and formalised, in accordance with which the conditions of biotechnological processes of laser division of embryo were formulated as a single case in the realisation of the economic mechanism of biotechnology. This makes it possible to ensure a high level of cattle (cattle) productivity, reduce the time for the reproduction of livestock and reduce the costs of movement, trade and transportation of cattle. The quality function of the biotechnological process of laser division of embryo is formulated on the basis of criterion of non-exceeding of the temperature field in cells of blastomeres and the predetermined acceptable value that allowed one to take into account the main parameters and to propose the criterion of biotechnological process optimisation. As a promising task for the development of the bioeconomy as an economic mechanism in implementing biotechnologies, the necessity of determining the quality function by formalising the integral indicator of efficiency has been established, This enables one to ensure a high level of commercialisation of biotechnologies, to increase the productivity of agricultural animals, and to suggest alternative methods for the quick renewal of livestock.

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