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Heat and Power System as an Independent Source of Electric Power. Case Study


The article describes a student capstone design project completed by a team of five students and implemented by a resort and casino in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). This project was completed within the framework of project-based learning (PBL). Students had the opportunity to apply the knowledge that they learned in the classroom in a real-world application. Students also had the opportunity to work as a team which was supervised by the faculty. The outcome of the project provided valuable experience in creating of grid, a reliable source of energy. The heat generated as a by-product was used for the purpose of heating hot water and a swimming pool as well as space heating for the hotel and casino during the winter. In the summertime the excessive amount of heat was used to dehumidify the air in the hotel and casino. Dehumidifying the air increased the level of comfort in the hotel and casino as well as in the enclosed swimming pools area. The article is focusing on the cost effectiveness of the off-grid heat-and-power solution. The net present value and internal rate of return as well as the payback time were calculated.