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Indicator of the influence of a geomagnetic storm on the transmission electric system


Magnetic storms are severe disorders in the Earth’s magnetosphere caused by enormous solar activity. The magnetic storm induces a quasi-stationary geomagnetic current (GIC) in the wires of the very high voltage (VHV) lines. These currents cause the current and thus thermal overload of the VHV part of the transmission lines, especially the transformers of the system. In the submitted article described by a device that indicates these effects of magnetic storms on the transmission system and allows it to carry out its safe operation. The indicator is located on the VHV wire of the bundle conductor. Using the Hall probe, it senses the magnetic field of the current in the line. With a digital frequency low-pas filter removes the ac component of the indicated current and information about its dc component, ie about the GIC, wireless transmission to the workplace of the system operator. This will then instruct the transmission system protective regime.

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