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Quality Assurance in Multicultural University - People’s Friendship University of Russia

   | 04. Juli 2020


In a knowledge-based economy, higher education becomes the most important factor of national competitiveness. It is in the Universities that the most high-performance human capital is formed, knowledge and innovation are produced. Therefore, the last decades are characterized by the growth of global competition in the field of higher education educations. And for the purpose the President of Russian Federation in his plan for 2024 (presidential Decree No. 204 of May 7th, 2018) has been underlined the global goals and objectives set for the spheres of education and science for the next five years. Among them, in particular, is ensuring the competitiveness of Russian education at the world level and Russia’s entry into the top five countries in the world in research. Another purpose indicated for education is enrolment of foreigner’s students. The Peculiarity of PFUR is that in this University is mainly foreign students

Peoples ‘ Friendship University of Russia is a unique University, a major international-oriented educational and research institution. In the walls of the Peoples ‘ Friendship University of Russia annually are trained citizens from 152 countries.

The article will analyse the System of HEI Quality Assurance in Russia and development in the last years, will be analysed the interview data of VTSIOM in field of Quality of Russian Education. The Quality Assurance System at the PFUR will be illustrated starting from Boards, Procedures and arriving to indicators and how these indicators have been achieved.

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