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Empirical verification of the relationship between creative life orientations of the creative class and the creative city

   | 02. Juli 2019


In the last few years there has been a fundamental change in the approach to the issue of creativity in economics, and it is increasingly referred that the era of the economics of creativity has started. Currently, it is claimed that no matter how much knowledge one possesses, it is important how it is creatively processed and how it will be used. Both theoreticians and practitioners agree on its role as a source of competitive advantage in the micro and macroeconomic sphere. The aim of the article is to consider cognitive, theoretical and methodological as well as empirical issues (questionnaire research) on the development of creative life orientations of the creative class in creative cities. The research results allow us to present a recommendation for managers managing creative cities. They are for example: tolerance for new and unknown things; cooperation that are made by outstanding individuals and social support, acceptance of creativity and creators.

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