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A Modified Hybrid Objective Model to Calculate the Weights of Cause and Effect Criteria in a System: DEMATEL and DEVELOPED SWARA (D-DS) Based Model


Criteria weighting is a widely used and also an important feature of multi criteria decision making problems specially in engineering, computer science and management investigations. In particular in many studies related to complex systems there would be usually two main groups of cause and effect criteria. In this research it is intended to make an hybrid objective model comprising DEMATEL and SWARA techniques to assign classified weights to the subgroup of cause and effect criteria. As a main goal, the proposed hybrid model in this presented paper can afford to assign greater values for criteria who belong to cause group. In this regard we apply the objective information which derived from the parameters of (R, equal to sum of direct and indirect influence of a criteria), (R/C, named as net influence power of a criteria) and (R-C, named as net effect of a criteria) related to the final total influence matrix T in DEMATEL methodology. The main contribution in this work lies in utilizing the SWARA methodology and making us of its revision where the relatively Comparative Importance Sj, applied in SWARA technique is reconfigured by some aggregation operators including max, Einstein and Hamacher operators for obtaining more uniformed weights of cause and effect criteria relatively to SWARA basic methodology. Finally results shows that the (R/C) and (R-C)would transfer more clear and refined data and numeric information achieving better and highly reliable weights of criteria categorized into two groups of cause and effect group.

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