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Translation of Problematic Humour in Gender-Focused Bewitched

   | 16. März 2024


Broadcast from the early 1960s until the early 1970s, Bewitched was brought into being with the intention of providing the conventional American family with a constructive emotional outlet for when they would all gather around the TV and spend quality time together. The key demographic at that time consisted of young to middle-aged couples or newlyweds with or without children, basically the real-life versions of the characters portrayed in the show. Nowadays, the target audience has considerably diminished in number as the beloved TV series is no longer on TV. It remains available online for cinephiles and movie amateurs alike. The aim of this article is to methodically translate and analyse the potential setbacks of various comic and outdated instances encountered in the TV show Bewitched. It also consists of a thorough investigation of possible problematic linguistic aspects, as well as different sources of humour. Moreover, the target audience will be provided with alternatives in translation and additional explanations and reasonings behind the choices made.