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Specific Aspects of the Economic Policy in the Conditions of the Covid-19 Pandemic


Covid-19 has hit the world intensely. From the medical point of view it seems that we have found the way to fight it, and the new task is to recover the economies. First of all, we need to assess the impact and specify the industries that suffered the most in order to create support packages. It is, as well, crutial to define the engines that are still able to drive the economies towards the recovery. The main aim for economic policy makers should be to flatten the curve of the recession that will occur, no doubts. During this process, it is of highest importance to balance the extent of the support government will provide for the economy. Namely, what we want is to lower the intensity of the impact by prolonging the effects of the crisis, however without increasing the debt too high. Specific action plans have to be created individually, with regards to particular economies and their determinants. For that reason, there is no pattern that policy makers could follow.

Having in mind that Serbian public debt is already high, it is essential to carefully design the support packages, without jeopardizing future income.

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