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A Puff-by-Puff Delivery Model for Cigarettes

 und    | 30. Dez. 2014


Materials generated by combustion and pyrolysis in a lit cigarette move through the tobacco rod and filter sections in two phases, the particulate phase and the gas phase. Some particles are removed while moving through the rod and filter sections. The gas-phase materials include the vapor of many volatile compounds. While moving through the rod and filter sections, part of the vapor are removed by adsorption and condensation.

In this study, a puff-by-puff delivery model for cigarettes is developed to calculate “tar”, water, and nicotine in smoke on a puff-by-puff basis. A number of parameters can be obtained by the best fit to the experimental results of some cigarettes with different filter lengths. The parameters include the materials generated at the coal for each puff, the particle and vapor removal constants for tobacco rods and filters. The parameters may be useful in understanding some characteristics of cigarette smoke.

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