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Methods for the Quantitative Determination of Biocides in Tobacco and Tobacco Products: Part VI: A Modified Procedure for Organochlorine, Organophosphorus and Carbamate Insecticide Residues in Tobacco


The screening procedure for the determination of pesticide residues in tobacco (organochlorine, organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides) published in 1970 has been improved by introduction of the dry-column chromatography as cleanup procedure. A new procedure has been developed for the detection of carbaryl and propoxur by gas chromatography. The extraction and cleanup method developed can be used to determine 11 organochlorine, 11 organophosphorus and 3 carbamate insecticides. The procedure can be applied to determine further insecticides and, in addition, fungicides, herbicides and metabolites. The recoveries of added pesticides at 0.5 ppm level are between 75 and 102 %. The coefficient of variation detected with parathion is 4.4 %

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