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Evaluation of Acids and Phenols in the Semi-Volatile Fraction of the Smoke of Blend Cigarettes and of Cigarettes Made from Virginia, Burley and Oriental Tobaccos - Säuren und Phenole in der „Semi-Volatile“-Fraktion des Rauches von Blend-, Virginia-, Burley- und Orient-Cigaretten

   | 19. Juli 2014


The purpose of this work was to compare the composition of the semi-volatile fraction of the smoke of different tobacco types. A German blend cigarette without any additive and further three cigarettes made from Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos were compared. The composition of the acidic fraction of the "semi-volatiles" of the smoke was analysed. 22 substances including the newly identified octadeca-9,12,15-trien-1-ol were identified by GC and mass spectrometry and quantitatively determined by GC-methods. Although in general all the smoke samples were qualitatively similar in volatile acid and phenol composition, there were, quantitatively, remarkable differences between the different tobacco types. In the semi-volatile fraction of the smoke of the Oriental cigarette, the level of 3-methylvaleric acid and isovaleric acid was highly increased. The semi-volatile fraction of the smoke of the Virginia cigarette showed an overall increased level for the rest of the aliphatic acids which we analysed. Especially the amount of palmitic acid is increased. Phenol, cresol, catechol, guajacol and benzoic acid were also increased compared with the Burley and Oriental cigarettes. In the semi-volatile fraction of Burley smoke all analysed substances were diminished

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