Uneingeschränkter Zugang

Proposal to Supplement Slovenian Legislation in the Military Field


The foundation of any activity of all state bodies must primarily be based on state legislation. The military field, which is narrower than the defense field, with all the characteristics and properties of the largest collection of kinetic energy and at the same time the integrated energy of state institutionalized coercion, is even more dependent on the meaning and purpose of state legislation. It would be recommended that in the future Slovenian legislation in the military field would more effectively and above all more successfully follow international developments in the field of military legislation, science and military research and development. It should be emphasized that interdisciplinary content in the military field requires special attention, caution and, above all, far-reaching predictability, which is extremely difficult in the modern world, but not impossible. The predictability of future military events requires clear, target-specific and unambiguous legislative content.

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