We earlier reported the protective effect of Solanum dasyphyllum against cyanide neurotoxicity. In furtherance to this, we investigated the protective effect of S. dasyphyllum against rotenone, a chemical toxin that causes brain-related diseases. Mitochondria fraction obtained from the brain of male Wistar rats was incubated with various solvents (hexane, dichloromethane, ethylacetate, and methanol) extracts of S. dasyphyllum before rotenone exposure. Mitochondria respiratory enzymes (MRE) were evaluated along with markers of oxidative stress. The inhibition of MRE by rotenone was reversed by treatment with various fractions of S. dasyphyllum. The oxidative stress induced by rotenone was also reversed by fractions of S. dasyphyllum. In addition, the ethylacetate fraction of S. dasyphyllum was most potent against rotenone-induced neurotoxicity. In conclusion, S. dasyphyllum is rich in active phytochemicals that can prevent some neurotoxic effects of rotenone exposure. Further study can be done in an in vivo model to substantiate our results.

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