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Availability Modelling of Cluster-Based System with Software Aging and Optional Rejuvenation Policy


This investigation deals with modeling and availability analysis of cluster-based system inflicted with software aging. Software aging is a phenomenon in which a software system shows performance degradation with time and finally results in software failures. To cope up with this phenomenon, rejuvenation is an innovative concept to recover from software failures. As failures occur, server has the option either to take essential rejuvenation with probability p or may opt for optional rejuvenation with complementary probability q. To achieve high availability of the system, the concept of clustering is also taken into consideration. In this study, restart, reboot and standby concept is used for reducing the downtime cost. The sensitivity analysis of different parameters on system availability has been examined numerically. By integrating clustering, software aging and rejuvenation, the researchers intended to increase the availability and decrease the down time.

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