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Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks Deployment Using Improved Self-Organize Map Algorithm


The traditional Self-Organize Map (SOM) method is used for the arrangement of seabed nodes in this paper. If the distance between the nodes and the events is long, these nodes cannot be victory nodes and they will be abandoned, because they cannot move to the direction of events, and as a result they are not being fully utilized and are destroying the balance of energy consumption in the network. Aiming at this problem, this paper proposes an improved self-organize map algorithm with the introduction of the probability-selection mechanism in Gibbs sampling to select victory nodes, thus optimizing the selection strategy for victory nodes. The simulation results show that the Improved Self-Organize Map (ISOM) algorithm can balance the energy consumption in the network and prolong the network lifetime. Compared with the traditional self-organize map algorithm, the adopting of the improved self-organize map algorithm can make the event driven coverage rate increase about 3%.

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