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Investigation of Deformations of the Earth Crust on the Territory of Ukraine Using a Gnss Observations

   | 25. Sept. 2018


A regional GNSS network consisting of 202 permanent GNSS stations established to study the recent crustal strain deformation in the Ukrainian territory. The GNSS observations (from December 7, 1997 to January 28, 2017) collected and processed using Bernese GNSS Software ver. 5.2 in accordance with the recommendations of the Central Bureau of the EUREF Permanent GNSS Network. Based on the above results the velocity vectors were estimated using Bernese GNSS Software ver. 5.2 for the future calculation of deformation. In particular, ellipses of distortion, rotation, maximum shear strain, and deformation area are obtained. Due to the differences in rate of the horizontal extension and rotation the area is divided in two main blocks. The first block shows compression that prevails in the North-East direction. Stretch in both directions is prevailing on second block. The obtained results can indicate the presence of some force which could effect on the study area.

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