This study aimed to research the effect of the seedless grape pomace (GP) added to feed mixture on meat quality, metabolic profile, and antioxidant status of Merinolandschaf lambs. The 90-day-old lambs in the control group (C, n=10) were fed feed mixture without GP while in experimental groups they were fed with 10% (GP10, n=10) or 20% (GP20, n=10) of GP in feed mixture for 30 days. There was a significant increase in L*, a* values and hue angle as well as a decrease in b* values of lamb carcasses in GP10 and GP20 compared to C group. When lambs were fed GP glucose concentrations decreased, while non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) and β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) increased on the 30th day in GP10 and GP20 compared with C group. A significant increase in SOD activity on day 30 and GPx activity on day 15 in lambs’ blood of GP10 and GP20 compared with C group was determined. Also, an increase in DPPH in lamb GP10 and GP20 compared with C was determined. The obtained results of the meat quality, metabolic profile and antioxidant status parameters of lamb meat showed that the use of 10% GP in the diet is justified, while 20% of GP was questionable.

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