Cancer is a challenging ailment and represents the main reason for death worldwide for humans and animals. Although great developments have hindered cancer progression, several adverse effects are associated with modern chemotherapy. Natural remedies, such as the usage of medicinal plant or their products in cancer treatment, may decrease prejudicial side properties. Recently, the modern research scheme and innovative screening practices for herbs or plants have enabled phytochemical discovery for the prevention and treatment of cancer. This criticism highlights herbs such as acacia, basil, black seeds, cedar, castus, ficus, garlic, ginger, indigo, onion, pomegranate, quince, and thyme, promising anticancer effects. The present review also revealed the mode of action of each herb as anticancer effects at level in vitro and in vivo studies. The item also totalizes the vital mechanisms and signaling molecules involved in preventing cancer diseases. This will fill the investigation gap in the exploration of using natural molecules and encourage researchers in clinical trials of anticancer agents from herbs for humans and animals.

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