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Design of Tennis Mobile Teaching Assistant System Based on Ordinary Differential Equations


Tennis is a sport, which is mainly composed of many parts, such as mobile devices, software and hardware. With the rapid development of today's time, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, the traditional teaching mode can no longer meet the user's needs well, so teachers need to help students improve their overall quality with the help of more advanced modern online teaching methods, therefore, the design of a practical and flexible mobile assistance system is necessary for universities nowadays. This paper mainly introduces the tennis auxiliary system based on ordinary differential equations, which is based on the database, and it has the functions of data collection, processing and display. This software is designed and implemented by using javaSwing technology and solidworks development tools. After that, SSH framework is used to create the application and backend management interface for later maintenance and update, so that the management can understand the students' situation at any time and make corresponding decision analysis to better serve the users and improve the quality and level of tennis teaching.

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Volume Open
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Biologie, andere, Mathematik, Angewandte Mathematik, Allgemeines, Physik