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Parameter Id of Metal Hi-pressure State Equation

   | 31. Mai 2021


In this study, parameters of the Grüneisen equation of state for GH4169 alloy were calculated based on multi-scale impact technology and first-principles calculation methods. The calculated parameters are consistent with the results of Liu et al., which primarily verifies the accuracy of the method. The AUTODYN software was used for numerical simulation of dynamic plate impact experiments. The parameters of the Grüneisen equation of GH4169 alloy were used as input to verify its accuracy. Comparing and analysing the speed of the free surface particle and the actual experimental measurement point at the same position, it is concluded that the simulated value is consistent with the experimental value. The morphology of the flying piece and the target have the same characteristics, which proves that Grüneisen equation of state parameters obtained by proposed parameter identification method are practical and reliable.

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Biologie, andere, Mathematik, Angewandte Mathematik, Allgemeines, Physik