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Sports intensity and energy consumption based on fractional linear regression equation



The objective is to analyse and explore the characteristics of physical exercise intensity, energy expenditure and substrate metabolism using Baduanjin and the ninth broadcast gymnastics as examples.


The indirect calorimetry of German CORTEX Metamax 3B portable gas met bolometer was used to determine the resting energy consumption of different age and sex of healthy people and related indexes such as the energy consumption and fat metabolism ratio in the ninth set of radio gymnastic exercises.


The metabolic equivalents of Baduanjin and radio gymnastics were 2.68 and 5.07, and the average heart rate was 76.14 l/min and 97.3 l/min, which were higher than those at rest (P <0.01). In radio gymnastics, the energy consumption level of men is higher than that of women (P <0.05), but the proportion of fat metabolism of women is higher than that of men (P <0.05). For 20–39 years old, when they are quiet, do Baduanjinhe and do radio gymnastics, the energy consumption of the subjects was 1828.7 kcal/d, 4008.8 kcal/d and 6355.6 kcal/d, respectively and for the ages of 40–59, they were 1822.6 kcal/d, 4047.4 kcal/d, and 8204.13 kcal/d, respectively. The ratios are significantly different; the energy consumption and fat energy supply ratio of the exercise group in the radio gymnastics group are significantly higher than those in the Baduanjin group, and the exercise group is significantly higher than that in the quiet group (P <0.05); The heart rate and weight were calculated and the energy consumption equations of Ba Duan Jin and radio gymnastics were established. The equations have statistical significance.


Ba Duan Jin is a low-intensity exercise while radio gymnastics is a medium-intensity exercise; Comparing energy consumption and fat of Ba Duan Jin and the ninth set of radio gymnastics, the energy ratio of the energy consumption of the ninth set of broadcast gymnastics body was significantly higher than Baduanjin movement; linear regression equation can provide a scientific basis for daily exercise and sports training, thus can promote the national fitness plan.

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