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Human gait modelling and tracking based on motion functionalisation


This paper proposes a mathematical function movement model based on the gait movement of the human body and, in particular, on the trajectory of the limbs during human movement. The article systematically measures and experimentally deals with the trajectory of the limbs of 40 students in the walking movement. The linear high-order polynomial fitting method eliminates the motion error. Simultaneously, the linear relationship least square method is used to obtain the expression of the limb motion function. Finally, the mathematical model of the limb motion trajectory is obtained. It is verified through experiments that the model proposed in the thesis can calculate the law of limb movement and movement parameters of any person under normal walking movement. This research has high research value for human movement rehabilitation and the design of wearable equipment.

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Biologie, andere, Mathematik, Angewandte Mathematik, Allgemeines, Physik