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Experimental Evaluation of Eccentric Mechanism Power Loading of Movable Pressure Plate in Die-Cutting Press


The paper reports experimental research on torques during cardboard cutting in the die-cutting press with eccentrics in the drive of the movable pressure plate. To conduct the research, an experimental bench with eccentrics in the drive of the die-cutting press is designed and manufactured. The manufactured experimental device for the research on cardboard blanks provides the possibility of getting dependencies of loadings at different parameters of the die-cutting process. The experimental approach envisages the use of the strain gauge measurement method and the wireless module for data collecting, as well as the software for its processing, for getting trustworthy results with minimum faults. The method gives an opportunity to study the torque values during the cardboard-cutting efforts on the drive shaft. The paper shows changes in the torque value on the drive shaft during the kinematic cycle with and without the use of cardboard blank. The angle of the drive shaft rotation during the cutting process was evaluated at selected values of the cardboard thickness. The relationship between the linear cutting efforts and the cardboard thickness, its fibre direction, cutting rule type and rotational speed of the drive shaft is elaborated. This kind of data is approximated by a logarithmic function (logarithmic curve), at R2 from 0.90 to 0.98. The thickness of the cardboard significantly influences the value of the linear cutting effort at all the studied parameters.

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