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Experimental Analysis of Single Point Incremental Forming of Truncated Cones in DC04 Steel Sheet


Experimental tests to form truncated cones were carried out on a 3-axis milling machine. 0.8-mm thick low-alloy DC04 steel sheets were used as test material. The profile tool-path trajectory was generated using the EDGECAM software. The slope angle and diameter of the base of the conical shaped drawpieces were 70°-72° and 65 mm, respectively. The drawpiece heights were up to 75 mm. The full synthetic lubricant 75W85 was used to reduce the frictional resistance. The effect of selected incremental forming parameters on the formability of the DC04 sheet and the susceptibility to crack formation have been analysed and discussed. It was found that the surface roughness of the workpiece is strongly influenced by step depth. By controlling the feed rate, it is possible to prevent failure of the material.

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