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Pilot Study of Invasive Mosquito Species Control in Selected Slovenian Municipalities


To reduce the population of the Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus (Skuse, 1894) (Diptera: Culicidae), a mosquito control campaign was organized by five Slovenian municipalities in 2020. The campaign focused on the application of Aquatain AMFTM in public water containers. The main objective of our study was to test the efficacy of the agent by directly testing the water drains for mosquito larvae and monitoring the density of the mosquito population. The drains were inspected before and after the application of the product from May to September. A water sample was taken from the drains using a dipper. For mosquito monitoring, the number of mosquito eggs and adult mosquitoes was counted from June to October.

Up to two weeks after the application of the product, we observed the lethal effect of Aquatain on mosquito larvae, pupae and adult mosquitoes. After rainfall, the product was washed away and the live mosquitoes were sampled in the inspected water drains. The average number of eggs collected per site was twice as high in the area without mosquito control as in the threated locations. Nevertheless, we assessed the mosquito control campaign as partially successful, as mosquito abundance was still high in the locations with mosquito control. However, we believe that this is a good starting point and that mosquito control should be continued in the future together with the citizen education campaign.

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