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Wieder gelesen: Frido Wagener, »Neubau der Verwaltung«


This re-reading of Frido Wagener’s »New Construction of Administration« (»Neubau der Verwaltung«, 1969) places this book in the setting of Western Germany’s late 1960s and their quest for an enlightened planning after the mere ›re-construction‹ (of buildings as well as of democracy) in earlier post-war Western Germany. Wagener’s struggle to ›rationalize‹ planning can be seen as a project that was as grand as it was doomed to fail – the judgement of posterity has yet to be spoken.

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Geschichte, Themen der Geschichte, Verfassungs- u. Rechtsgeschichte, Andere Themen der Geschichte, Rechtswissenschaften, Öffentliches Recht, andere, Sozialwissenschaften, Politikwissenschaften, Kommunale Politik und Verwaltung