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First report of Bitylenchus ventrosignatus (Tobar Jiménez, 1969) Siddiqi, 1986 associated with wild grass in Botswana


During a survey on the biodiversity of plant-parasitic nematodes of natural areas in Botswana, Bitylenchus ventrosignatus was discovered around the rhizosphere of wild grass. The nematodes were extracted using the tray method and then fixed according to the available protocols. The morphological characters fit well with the description of B. ventrosignatus. In addition, molecular analysis using 18 S and 28 S rDNA indicated 98% (KJ461617) and 95% (KJ461567) similarity with the Spanish population of B. ventrosignatus. The phylogenetic analysis of 18 S and 28 S rDNA placed the examined population with other populations of B. ventrosignatus in a group with a posterior probability support value of 100. According to published literature, this is the first report of B. ventrosignatus from Botswana.

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