In our studies montmorillonite (MMT) was used as the heterogeneous, natural catalyst. This material was previously prepared by bentonite purification with help of the sedimentation method. The obtained catalyst was characterized by: XRD, SEM, BET and EDX. Catalytic tests with montmorillonite as the catalyst were performed with the natural terpene – R-(+)-limonene. This compound was oxidized with hydrogen peroxide and, moreover, in the separate process it was also isomerized. As the main products of limonene oxidation were detected: (1,2-8,9)-diepoxide, perillyl alcohol, carvone, carveol, 1,2-epoxylimonene and 1,2-epoxylimonene diol. In the isomerization of R-(+)-limonene were formed: terpinenes, terpinolene and p-cymene. Conversions of limonene in these processes reached 70–80%. The application of montmorillonite (the natural of origin) in the studied processes (oxidation and isomerization) is environmentally friendly, it allows to reduce the cost of the studied processes. The resulting products of the processes of oxidation and isomerization of R-(+)-limonene have many applications.

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