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A novel approach for calculating packed column height based on new correlation of mass transfer coefficient


The calculation of column’s height plays an important role in packed columns precise design. This research is based on experimentally measurement of mass transfer coefficients in different heights of packed column to predict its height. The objective of presented work is to introduce a novel conceptual method to predict column height via new correlation for mass transfer coefficient. As the mass transfer coefficient is decreased with increase of column height, the HTU’s are not constant figures along the column so this new approach is called increasing HTU’s. The results of the proposed idea were compared with other correlations and the conventional method i.e. constant HTU’s. Since the results are in very good agreement with experimental data comparing to conventional method, it seems this approach can be a turning point in design of all differential columns like packed columns. Making use of this method is suggested for design of differential columns.

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Industrielle Chemie, Biotechnologie, Chemieingenieurwesen, Verfahrenstechnik