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Effect of TiO2-ZnO/GAC on by-product distribution of CVOCs decomposition in a NTP-assisted catalysis system


In this study, the catalytic effect of TiO2-ZnO/GAC coupled with non-thermal plasma was investigated on the byproducts distribution of decomposition of chlorinated VOCs in gas streams. The effect of specific input energy, and initial gas composition was examined in a corona discharge reactor energized by a high frequency pulsed power supply. Detected by-products for catalytic NTP at 750 J L-1 included CO, CO2, Cl2, trichloroacetaldehyde, as well as trichlorobenzaldehyde with chloroform feeding, while they were dominated by CO, CO2, and lower abundance of trichlorobenzaldehyde and Cl2 with chlorobenzene introduction. Some of the by-products such as O3, NO, NO2, and COCl2 disappeared totally over TiO2-ZnO/GAC. Furthermore, the amount of heavy products such as trichlorobenzaldehyde decreased significantly in favor of small molecules such as CO, CO2, and Cl2 with the hybrid process. The selectivity towards COx soared up to 77% over the catalyst at 750 J L-1 and 100 ppm of chlorobenzene.

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