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Seismic Design of Masonry Buildings Some Gaps in Structural Eurocodes and their Correction by Codes CR 6 -2013 and P 100-1/2013

   | 09. Mai 2016


Experience of designing buildings with structural masonry walls and masonry non-structural elements using Codes CR 6-2006 [15a] and P 100-1/2006 [16a], that were developed based on design principles and rules of Eurocodes adopted in Romania SR EN 1996-1-1[13] and SR EN 1998-1[14], revealed the need of some additions and corrections of texts.

These interventions made by developing Codes CR 6 -2013[15] and P 100-1/2013[16], which we can characterize synthetically as follows:

- Are aligned with the Structural Eurocodes principles but correcting some identified deficiencies.

- Resume some previous provisions of national regulations that lack in Eurocodes

- Introduce the results of recent theoretical and experimental research

- Provide practical application rules, simple and explicit, accompanied by “Commentary” and “Design examples”

The communication exposes and justifies synthetically the following new approaches introduced in the 2013 editions of the two regulations:

Modification of the methodology for the partial safety factors (γM) and for establishing the minimum necessary strength values of masonry.

Additions and explanations of the design rules for unreinforced and confined masonry subjected to combined axial compression and flexure and to shear loading.

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