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Study Concerning Characterization of Some Recycled Concrete Aggregates


Using recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) is a matter of high priority in the construction industry worldwide. In countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, USA, Japan, France recycled concrete aggregates obtained from demolition are valorized up to 90%, mainly for road construction and less in the manufacture of new concrete.

Recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) generally result from a two-stage crushing of the concrete obtained from demolition followed by the screening and removal of contaminants (wood, plastic, metal, ceramics etc.). The literature review showed that the recycled aggregates concrete (RAC) are less resistant, with 15 to 40% versus concrete obtained using natural aggregates. The factors that play a role in the reducing of mechanical resistance are presented and analyzed in this study.

This paper presents a study on the use of recycled aggregates, from a concrete of specified class, to acquire new cement concrete with different percentages of recycled aggregates. In order to evaluate the influence upon the properties of the new concrete obtained, recycled aggregates have been characterized in terms of the granulosity, the granule shape, the absorption of water, behavior to the Los Angeles test, the content of attached mortar etc.

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