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Effect of hammer peening with tungsten coating on fatigue properties of carbon steel under rotating bending

   | 27. Okt. 2017


In the present study, we investigated the influence of hammer peening (HP) with tungsten carbide surface coating (WCSC) on high cycle bending fatigue performance of the carbon steel (CS) manufactured as specified in Bureau of Indian Standards BIS 2062 steel. Totally there are twenty-four numbers of specimens cast and tested to investigate fatigue performance. Constantly high cycle bending fatigue load (HBFL) were applied for all specimen, different range of bending stress applied to the specimen and the stress ratio maintained as R = 1. Investigation results show there is up to 40 percent of the fatigue life improvement possible by the surface treatments to the CS material. From the research to date the corrosion and pitting corrosion can be treated by modifying the surface layer of the metal by treating different peening methods and coating.

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